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"Honor the Little Girl Within"

What happened to her, that happy little girl? She had a dream. One day she was going to be a doctor, a dancer, an author, a chef!

She was magical and she knew it!

Are you living your dream? Who lied to you? Who told you that you weren't worthy? Was it a family member? Was it your cultural messages? Was it the person that took advantage of your innocence? Have you not forgiven yourself for what someone else did to you? Where's that happy little girl? I'll tell you where she is. She's waiting for you to come back and get her.

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Location: I AM Ascension Temple
1059 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.
Atlanta, GA. 30310
(next door to Tassili's Raw Reality)

Donate to Sensual Honey Wellness
Bring a journal, pen and a child photo of yourself when you were happy and carefree.
Bring an offering for your Ancestors such as, a crystal, incense, fruit, flowers, or candle.

Let's share our womb stories together, and dismantle the lies, and the conditioning. Let's share in laughter, disappointments, pain, and joy. Let's free ourselves of what's been holding us hostage and keeping us away from our true selves. Let's open up our portal of creativity. This Sista Circle is for those who are ready to live, laugh, love, reconnect with your womb, and reawaken your dream.

Call us at 337.944.9131 and register for our Sunday Sista Circle today! Space is limited.


Love donations are always welcomed.

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