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Chocolate Cha Cha Chai

It's Winter Season And We Have Another Delicious Sweet Yoni Tea Recipe For You!

"Chocolate Cha Cha Chai"

We are happy to announce "Chocolate Cha Cha Chai!" Our newest addition to Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea® family of teas and tonics. It's spicy, smooth, and chocolatey!

It's an all organic blend of Red Rooibos Tea, Chai Spice, Cocoa Nibs, Burdock and Nettle It helps eliminate menstrual cramping, fatigue and bloating, and increases your iron levels while giving you that chocolate fix during that time of the month.  Add coconut milk, and coconut sugar for a rich. spicy, cocoa infusion.

In addition to chocolate being a powerful source of antioxidants, its also an aphrodisiac, and boost serotonin the feel good chemical in your heart and brain.

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